Taking Afrodance to the World, and taking the world to Africa

Say hello to my vocational training centre for women women with troubled pasts!

​Now the women focus on gaining skills to work

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I am on a mission to educate the world about African cultures through the art of dance.

However, my mission does not stop there. When I say take the world to Africa, I

mean, give back to

African countries to 

ensure that Africans

benefit through from the

global celebration of their

culture through my philanthropy projects.

I am originally from Rwanda, East Africa.



Taking Afrodance to the World, and taking the world to Africa

Learn some of the moves and choreography from one of the most spoken about music video in Sherrie's 2 part tutorial!

Progress has been made! We have managed to get 16 year old Vianney off the streets. After being homeless since losing his mother at age 6, he now has a home and has started his vocational training course in car mechanics. 

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Housing homeless children. Lets give homeless and underprivileged children a second chance at life

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Dental checks and hygiene equipment for 203

​kids in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria

Awards included Best Choreography, Best Video with a Message and Best Direction.

Sherrie Silver collected the awards on behalf of Childish Gambino with the words "Such an important video" and "It means so much for me to see African dance celebrated on such a platform"

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​​​I am an creative director, dance choreographer and actress

So far, I have travelled to around thirty countries 
performing, filming and teaching.