A tough start makes the race more meaningful

I got tired of just feeding and clothing homeless children, then having to leave them on the streets. I decided that the free art and dance workshops were not enough either. So I decided to take more action.

All children deserve a destiny. My aim is to take kids off the streets and rehabilitate them hand in hand with the local government. I do this by attempting to put them back into homes with their parents (if they have any) and sponsoring their family.

Another method of rehabilitation is the Children of Destiny family house. This house them gives children a loving home where they are able to grow up as a family and receive the best possible care until they are 18 or until their parent is fully stable. This environment is nothing like a packed orphanage. Each house only contains a maximum of 4-5 kids.

I hope to rescue and rebuild more children's lives.

Kevin, AGE 13

Father is dead. Was sleeping on the road and eating from trash as there was no food in the house. He was also always left alone to father his young siblings. I managed to reunite Eme with his mother, however, she was unfit to take care of him and his big brother Kevin, the boys ended up back on the street eating from the trash. 

I have taken Kevin off the streets and he has started his new life where he is receiving love and care. He went to the hospital for treatment of his infected feet. We are working on helping him rebuild a relationship with his mother. Hopefully one day, he will be able to change his family's life

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My aim is to create a permanent safe haven and home for the kids by purchasing the house that I am currently renting for them. After this, the overhead cost of rent will be removed and I will be able to open a second house and rescue more children. 

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ben, AGE 9

Ben is a bright young boy with huge potential. He had been sleeping on the road for three months, where I picked met him. After taking him to reunite with his mother, she confirmed this is true. His mother had contracted the a deadly disease. Ben explained that his mother kept bringing different men into the house daily, this pushed him out of the home, leaving him feeling rejected. He has a 3 year old sister who is also from a different father.

Ben's mother has been struggling ever since  stopped her previous job of selling tomatoes.

Ben's mother is currently receiving mentoring from our team and we hope to enrol her into our Tailoring vocational program soon.


Due to Shakira's mother's illness and time spent in the hospital, Shakira and her siblings were left alone at home to fend for themselves. Finding food would sometimes be impossible under the care of her 15 year old sister.

Shakira's older sister is the mother of a gorgeous baby boy Bruno. The family of 6 sleep in one bedroom with one bed, which is also used as a kitchen; such an unhealthy environment and claustrophobic environment.

Shakira’s mother is desperate for the children to be removed from this environment as they are constantly getting sick. This has lead to Shakira’s 10 year old brother fleeing the home to live on the street as well as Shakira's 15 year old sister also fleeing the home and abandoning her baby, Bruno.