Hello there, my name is Sherrie Silver and I am a passionate dance choreographer, actress and video editor. I travel around the world every month using my talent to empower and motivate both the young and the old. Every month you can catch me performing, teaching or speaking in a different country as my aim is to take African dance and culture to all the nations. Follow me on my social media for daily updates!

Enjoy my dance video shot in Anguilla below.

Recently there has been a lot of hype on social media about "lace frontals", so I was excited when hair specialists, St Claires hair offered me the opportunity to try out one of their customised lace frontals.

The experience included a complete makeover! I had my face slammed up by renowned make up artist "OTS Beauty" as well as a wig fitting with the amazing hairdresser "Chrissy Bales". I finally saw what all the hype was about!

I must say that the St Claires hair lace frontals are the most natural frontals I have ever worn. Not  to mention strong and long lasting, unlike many other frontals and closures on the market which are prone to ripping.

St Claires offer a bespoke wig customisation service in partnership with Chrissy Bales, where the frontals are dyed to match clients skin tone and plucked to match your hairline.

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Watch the transformation video below and learn how to bleach, lay and style a lace frontal.

One Place I have always wanted to visit is the Caibbean, and I have finally acheived this! Getting on the plane, I was like a kid on the way to a candy store. I was chosen to represent African in Anguilla, this was was the first time any African dance group had been flown out to Anguilla so it was such an honour. As if this was not exciting enough, my team and I got to have a couple of days in Antigua, another tropical haven. 

While in Anguilla, I had to shoot a dance video of course! PLease go onto my video library page to see these! Incase you are planning to visit Anguilla and are wondering where I stayed, I stayed at the 'La Vue Hotel' which is affordable yet the suits are massive and extremely clean. Each suit comes with a relitivly large kitchen and living space which was perfect for a dancer like myself. My room was poolside so this was also a nice touch. The hotel is only about a 10 minute walk from the beach and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Anguilla is exceptionally beautiful and surrounded by beaches. I would defineltly recommend it as a holiday destination.