As we know, the dentist can be a scary place, especially the older you get. So i belive that it is better to tackle and educate kids about dental from an early age.

I was glad to have sponsored the healthy teeth campaign in Slum known as the "Dustbin Estate" in Ajegunle, Lagos Nigeria.


Find out how you can support one of the ladies on their new path!

I'm on a mission to educate the world about African Culture. I connect with everything African, from entertainment, beauty, tourism, fashion and food.

Although UK based, I have taught, shot or performed in almost 30 countries so far. Services include lectures, dance classes, creative directing, videography, live performances and.

My overall aim is to empower and inspire the young to the old, the rich to the poor. 

Say hello to our brave ladies! Alongside my Wall Rebuilders, the charity which my mother and I founded, have launched a vocational training for women who we rescued from a dangerous life of prostitution.

Over 48 women have joined our rehabilitation program and are benefiting through free skills training, counceling and facilitation of entrepreneurship.

We will be officially launching our workshop in October where the ladies products will be available for sale!

Sadly many of the ladies are single mothers.

Over 60 children plus women fed

Children had to draw their futures, the dreams were huge!

Each child received a pair shoes and a street survival pack which included blankets, jackets, dental hygene kits and other essenssials.

Some of the kids were unable to wear shoes due to their damaged feet, these kids were taken to the doctors for treatment.

From these children, next month, a group of them will be rescued from the streets and moved into my first soon to be launched family home next month where they will join school.‚Äč

Every child deserves a future and a comfortable life. Alone I can only do so much. Join me by sponsoring a child


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For over a year now I have been feeding and providing my "street survival packs" for homeless children in Rwanda. 

However, I have decided that enough is enough and I will be travelling back to house some of the kids. It will not feel like an orphanage with many children, but each house will in fact consist of three adults, two which will operate as a loving mother and father and a maid. Each home will also limited to 5 kids.

Each child will join school, receive health insurance, rehabilitation and the love of a family.